Tower of London White Tower musuem project - exhibitions - reception - shop

Ronayne Design practice for designing museum, exhibition displays. Tower of London project. Re-display of 2000 sq m floor space of White Tower. New displays, graphic and multimedia interpretatation.




museum and exhibition design

Tower of London displays, exhibition and museum retail

17th-c taste in display, reconstructed from documentary evidence

A £1m re-display of the entire 2000 sq m floor space of the White Tower, the Tower of Londonís historic keep (c.1085). The budget included all new displays as well as graphic and multimedia interpretation of the building, and a new reception area (important in this, Britainís most visited historic building), and a shop, itself costing £350k.

The displays are arranged as follows: cannon in the basement; the reconstruction of extraordinary 17th-century displays comprising small arms, equestrian statues and effigy heads on the ground floor; royal armours on the first floor in unusually large showcases; and a special exhibition about gunpowder and treasure on the second floor.

These re-creations of historic displays for the Royal Armouries were seen for 15 years, before re-development by Historic Royal Palaces.