Hunterian Museum Crystal Gallery

Hunterian Museum project. Crystal Gallery, 6m high atrium of all-glass cases with 3,000 objects. Fibreoptic lit, driven by 100+ light projectors.




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Hunterian Museum Crystal Gallery

'Shrine'to John Hunter in edge-lit glass stands at entry area

The Hunterian Museum, founded by the pioneer of scientific surgery John Hunter, has occupied part of the Royal College of Surgeons, London, from the early 19th century. At the centre of the £3.2m refurbishment, the ‘Crystal Gallery', a 6m high atrium of all-glass cases with 3,000 objects, is fibreoptic lit throughout, driven by over 100 light projectors. Further display areas trace the history of surgery from the 17th century to today, comprising a total of 50 or so object-rich showcases.
There is a flexible-use exhibitions gallery, and a study room featuring a microscope workbench, object displays and pull-out drawers. Visitors can view WW1 plastic surgery in stereo viewers, and try their hands at keyhole surgery. Computers are available at consoles around the Museum, as well as a push-button video screen narrating actual operations. For a 360 degree virtual tour of the galleries, see